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Orthodox Holy Places of Italy and Corfu

15 days , 14 nights


Day 1

Arrival in Rome.
Meeting at the Hotel. Introduction. Rest. Walk through the city .



Day 2

Vatican. Cathedral of St. Paul . Vatican Museums . San. Pietro – The relics of St . Apostols. Peter, Ap. Simon the Zealot , St . John Chrysostom , St . Gregory the Theologian , St. . Gregory Dialogos . Miraculous Icon of the Mother of God ” Stolpovaya ” and ” Skoropomoshnitsa ” Moving to Salerno . Dinner.



Day 3

Salerno. The relics of St. Matthew. Transfer to Amalfi. Prayer in the Temple of  St.Ap. Andrew,  the relics of St.Ap.Andrew. Departure to Bari. Accommodation at the hotel. Dinner.





Day 4

Breakfast – dry rations . Divine Liturgy in the Basilica of St. Nicholas and veneration of the relics of St.Nicholas. Visit to the Russian Orthodox church of St . Nicholas. Dinner. Boarding the ferry. Departure to Corfu .


Ferry Iegumenitsa Kerkira


Day 5

Worship in the Holy Places of Corfu.

Church of St. Saint Spyridon. Prayer on the relics of the  St. Spyridon. Visiting the monastery in Paleokastritsa, the worship of the icon of the Mother of God “Life-giving Spring”. Dinner. A walking tour of the city. Church of St. John the Baptist, under the floor which is revered warrior burial place of the troops of Admiral Ushakov – the grave of Russian soldiers. Cathedral Panagia Spileotissa ( “Mother of God in the caves”), was built in 1577. The relics of St. Theodora Augusta (empress of Constantinople), were brought to Corfu along with the relics of St. Spyridon and the silver tomb at the altar.Visit the ancient church of St. . Anthony the Great and the church of St . Basil the Great . Visiting the monastery of Panagia Theotokos Vlaherna ( with the miraculous icon of Our Lady of Blachernae ) . Jason and Sosipater Church (XII century . ) . The relics of the saints , disciples of the Apostle Paul . Visit to the island fortress monument to Russian admiral , righteous Theodore Ushakov. Boarding the ferry . Departure to Bari .



Day 6

Moving to the Gargano . Visit to the Sanctuary of the Archangel Michael . Visit to Loreto . Prayer in the church “House of the Mother of God .” Accommodation at the hotel on the sea . Dinner.




Day 7

Moving to Montegrotto Terme . Hotel accommodation. Rest at the terme springs. Dinner.

Montegrotto Terme


Day 8

Veneration and prayer at Christian Holy Places of Venice. St. Marko.

The relics of the Apostle Mark, and a Golden Altar. Byzantine miraculous icon of the Mother of God ” Nikopeya ” ( Victorious ) . Church of St. Zechariah. The relics of St . Zacharias, the father of St. John the Baptist, and relics of St. Athanasius . Church of St. George. Hand of St . Basil the Great. Church of Sts. St. John the Baptist . The relics of St . John the Merciful . The area of St. Marko, the Bridge of Sighs , the Doge’s Palace . Departure to Milan. Hotel accommodation. Dinner.



Day 9

Veneration and prayer of the Holy Places in Milan.
Duomo Cathedral ( the relics of St . Thekla ) , the Church of St . Ambrose of Milan ( the relics of St . Ambrose , Sts . Martyrs . Gervasius , Protasius and Nazar ) , the relics of St . Natalia in the church of St . Lavrenov , the relics of St . Victor in St. Peter . Departure to Florence . Dinner . Hotel accommodation.

transfer to


Day   10

Divine Liturgy in the Russian Orthodox Church . Worship Christian Othodox relics in Florence. Cathedral ” Santa Maria del Fiore .” Head of St . John Chrysostom , the relics of St . Mary Magdalene , the relics of the early Christian martyrs . Panoramas on the Piazza Michelangelo and San Miniato al Monte, “Holy Mina of the Mountain” one of the finest examples of Romanesque architecture in Tuscany.  Dinner at the restaurant . Florence


Day 11

A visit to the Uffizi Gallery and the Pitti Palace . Ponte Vecchio. Dinner at the restaurant.



Day 12

Free time. Lunch at the Russian Church. Departure to Tuscany , visiting Villa Cuzona Guchchardini – Strozzi family. Over 1000 years in wine making.

A visit to the cellar, superior wine tasting selection . Departure for Rome . Hotel accommodation. Dinner.



transfer to Rome


Day 13

Excursion ” Christian Rome “: Church of the Precious and Life-Giving Cross. Part of the Life-Giving Cross, earth from Golgotha, one of the nails of the Cross, two thorns from the crown of thorns, the finger of St. Ap.Thomas. Church of the Holy of Holies . Holy stairs from the house of Pontius Pilate in Jerusalem. Lateran Cathedral and baptistery of St. John the Baptist . The Head of St . Ann. Peter and Paul”Holy Table ”  on which the Savior performed the Last Supper with his disciples . Church of the martyr St.Clement. Colosseum – the place of martyrdom of the first Christians. Church of Sts. Cosmas and Damian . The church ” Altar of Heaven” The relics of St.Queen Helena. Mamertine prison. Alexis Man of God Church and St. martyr Boniface . Cathedral of the Mother of God ” Santa Maria Maggiore ” . Bethlehem manger . Part of the relics of St . An. Matthew . The relics of the Blessed . Jerome. Miraculous Icon of the Mother of God “Salvation of the Roman people .” Return to the hotel. Dinner . Rome – The Eternal City



Day 14

Cathedral of St. Paul . The relics of St . Apostle Paul. The relics of St. Apostola Timothy .

The catacombs of the early Christians . The church ” Quo Vadis .” Free time. Dinner at the restaurant .



14.10.                Day 15              Departure for Home                         Rome

Italy – treasury of world’s art

During our trip, you will have a wonderful opportunity to see the great monuments of world architecture and art. In Rome you will visit the Vatican Museum with its monumental collection crowned with a jewel masterpiece fresco, the famous Sistine Chapel , Michelangelo Buonarroti’s creation. The program includes visits to museums , accompanied by experienced English (please contact us with your request for English speaking guides!) speaking guides . In Florence, we will visit the Uffizi Gallery and the Pitti Palace
Here, in the birthplace of the Renaissance, are presented some of the most impressive collections of world art, created in a style of classical Italian Renaissance and other classical time periods. You will see the masterpieces of the great masters such as Michelangelo , Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael , Filippo Lippi , Caravaggio , Botticelli , Titian , Tintoretto , Rembrandt and many, many others …

14 days and 15 nights – $ 1,750

The price includes :

$ 210 ticket for the ferry Corfu- Bari round trip .

Accommodation in hotels 3 * -4 * , 2 -course meals (drinks at dinner are not included) , excursions to Venice, Florence , Rome. Transfers as listed in the program, travel by tour bus.  All your prayer requests submitted to the accompanying priest for all the Liturgical and other services and vigils conducted during the pilgrimage.

The price does not include :

Flights to Rome. Drinks at dinner, lunch. Tickets to St. John the Baptist Cathedral Museum in Lateran , tickets to the Catacombs , the Uffizi Gallery , Pitti Palace , Vatican Museums, entrance tickets to the Cathedral of St Mark in Venice, water taxi in Venice , headphones , registration fees in hotels , 40 min. ferry Salerno – Amalfi, along the coast and back.


Registration fee is paid in each hotel directly to concierge upon receipt or return of your room keys. Usually about 2-3 euros per person.

Museums, especially the secular, are not mandatory or a major part of the pilgrimage program. The average cost of the museums entry is about 5-10 euros per person.

Headphones are not required, but are recommended and are paid for directly to the guide – about 1-2 euros per person. Only needed in the big cities, they provide an opportunity to hear the guide at a distance, moving through the streets or large cathedrals.

While the cost of drinks for dinner depends on your choice, the estimated cost of the rest of the above mentioned expenses is usually in the range of 120 euros per person for 2 weeks in November.

Pilgrims will have a daily opportunity to rest, sit in the squares, enjoy the gardens or go to a cafe for a snack. For this, special time is allocated.

Group fills quickly. Do not hesitate with registration.
Details and answers to many questions can be found in the section
“Important Information”

please call Fr. Vladimir (386) 225-6993  (I speak English)